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Feb 12

Why we use Different types Concrete Column in Construction Work

column types

Columns are rigit, relatively slender structural members designed primarily to support axial compressive loads applied to the ends of the members. The concrete column that built at most of the construction site is built with the concrete beam and slab. Different Types of Column: 1) Rectangular or Square Column 2) Circular Column 3) T-Type Column …

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Feb 08

Study Civil Engineering with This Free Civil Engineering e-Book Quickly

Civil Engineering e-Book

This civil engineering e-book contributes a tone in the academic part of civil engineer. This one single app competes the clumps of books.Now you need not to carry heavy bags full of books.Keep all your study stuff in your smart phone. The App provides you with the fast learning and instant revision of the subject …

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Feb 04

How to Create Bar Bending Schedule (BBS) for Lintel Beam

BBS for Lintel Beam

Sami of civilglobal presenting a video tutorial on how to create bar bending schedule (BBS) for lintel beam. In this video, Sami will guide you in details about bbs for lintel beam. Civil engineers finds this video very useful. Watch it today and learn tips and tricks in simple steps. BBS for Lintel Beam  …

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Jan 16

Slab : What are Difference between main bars and Distribution bars

Main Bars and Distribution bars

Slab : What are Difference between main bars and Distribution bars A very nice video tutorial presented by Sami of on different between main bars and distribution bars in slab. If you are new or students, you should watch this video tutorial today.  Here are some main point listed down from the video. …

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Jan 15

Bending Moment Explaining – What is Bending Moment

bending moment

Bending Moment explained very well in this video demonstration. A Bending Moment is a subsitute for a force. Watch this video demonstration. A bending moment is the reaction induced in a structural element when an external force or moment is applied to the element causing the element to bend. The most common or simplest structural …

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Jan 11

Concrete Beam Design – Hand Calculations

Concrete Design Calculation

A great tutorial from AutoDesk. Learn how to check and validate a structural concrete beam using hand calculations. Concrete Beam Design – Hand Calculations  reinforced concrete beam design excel concrete beam design calculator rc beam design procedure reinforced concrete beam design example pdf doubly reinforced concrete beam design example reinforced concrete beam design example …

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Jan 10

Concrete Mix Design Calculations, Concrete Mix Design Calculator

mix concrete design tool

Concrete Mix Design Calculations made easy with these functions. Learn how to calculate Concrete Mix Design for M20 Grade Of Concrete, M35 Grade Of Concrete, M40 Grade Of Concrete, M50 Grade Of Concrete, M60 Grade Of Concrete. The following Mix Concrete Design calculatin program is presented by . We thankful to them for this …

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Jan 08

Tying Requirements – How to Tie Reinforcing Steel Bars (Rebar)

Tieing Steel Rebar

Tying Requirements – How to Tie Reinforcing Steel Bars (Rebar) This video intro is presented by Concrete Reinforcing Steel Institute showing the detailed requirements of tying reinforcing steel bars (rebar). This video will guide you through general principles for bar placing, splicing and tying. Reinforcing bars must be carefully and accurately placed to confirm to …

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Jan 08

How to Use MS Excel to Complete Construction Cost Estimate

construction material takeoff

Learn how you should use excel to complete construction cost estimating quickly and easily with no cost. There are plenty of tutorials and we are bringing it to you. In this page you will find a helpful video tutorial. Good news is that is offering a lot of free construction estimating templates which you …

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