Feb 25

Download Concrete Mix Design Excel Sheet – Concrete Estimating Sheet Download

This free concrete mix design excel sheet is very helpful to estimate concrete materials of your construction project.

Download Concrete Mix Design Excel Sheet. With the help of this sheet, one can calculate different types of MIX design concrete. All is set as function in this concrete design sheet and you just need to put the value of your project/site.

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concrete estimating sheet

Feb 12

Why we use Different types Concrete Column in Construction Work

Columns are rigit, relatively slender structural members designed primarily to support axial compressive loads applied to the ends of the members. The concrete column that built at most of the construction site is built with the concrete beam and slab.

Different Types of Column:

1) Rectangular or Square Column
2) Circular Column
3) T-Type Column
4) V-Type Column
5) L-Type Column

This video is presented by Sami of Civilglobal.com where he expalin more about different types of column and its uses in construction works. Watch this awesome video tutorial today and get some deep knowledge about concrete column construction.

column types

Feb 08

Study Civil Engineering with This Free Civil Engineering e-Book Quickly

This civil engineering e-book contributes a tone in the academic part of civil engineer. This one single app competes the clumps of books.Now you need not to carry heavy bags full of books.Keep all your study stuff in your smart phone.

The App provides you with the fast learning and instant revision of the subject focusing on important topics headed under the chapters and every topic is thoroughly explained comprising of videos , detailed notes , equation , formulas and course material in an e-handbook. Application makes the task of preparing a lengthy syllabus for exams a very short and convenient. That not only save your time but give you a brief up of specific topics digitally.


SURVEYING (37 Topics )

Civil engineers often specialize in one of a number of technical areas. And this app has deep explanation of these topic.

* Transportation
* Coastal engineering
* Structural
* Environmental
* Geotechnical
* Construction
* Architectural
* Engineering mechanics

Civil Engineering e-Book

All content and images are courtesy of Engineering Apps @ Google Play Store

Feb 04

How to Create Bar Bending Schedule (BBS) for Lintel Beam

Sami of civilglobal presenting a video tutorial on how to create bar bending schedule (BBS) for lintel beam.

In this video, Sami will guide you in details about bbs for lintel beam. Civil engineers finds this video very useful. Watch it today and learn tips and tricks in simple steps.

BBS for Lintel Beam

BBS for Lintel Beam

All images and videos are courtesy of civilglobal.com

Jan 24

Download T beam Design Excel Sheet for FREE

A T–beam (or tee beam), used in construction, is a load-bearing structure of reinforced concrete, wood or metal, with a t-shaped cross section. The top of the t-shaped cross section serves as a flange or compression member in resisting compressive stresses.

Tee Section, also known as T beam or T bar, is a structural beam with a “T” shaped cross section. Tee section is generally made of plain carbon steel.A beam composed of a stem and a flange in the form of a T; usually of reinforced concrete or rolled metal.

T beam Advantage

For spans larger than 4 m it offers greater and significantly more resistance compared to rectangular beam. Simply T beam will reduce rebar requirement.
We can save 9 to 20 percent reinforcement as compared to rectangular beam.
Required depth of beam will also reduce, as flange or web will contribute against sagging moment.

t beam excel sheet

Download T beam Design Excel Sheet for FREE at:


Jan 19

Download Advanced Reinforced Concrete Design FREE PDF

Download Advanced Reinforced Concrete Design FREE PDF Book. This reinforced concrete design book contains a variety of designs of reinforced concrete structures like continuous beams, portal frames, silos, bunkers, chimneys, shells overhead water tanks, virendeel griders, trusses, deep beams, box culverts, folded plates, hyperbolic cooling towers, curved girders, poles, pipes and bridge deck systems.


1. Continuous Beams
2. Bunkers and Silos
3. Chimneys
4. Curved Beams
5. Towers
6. Elevated Water Tanks
7. Box-Culverts
8. Portal Frames
9. Multistory Building Frames
10. Shells
11. Hyperbolic Paraboloid Shells
12. Hyperbolic Cooling Towers
13. Folded Plates
14. Grid or Coffered Floors
15. Virendeel Griders
16. Trusses
17. Poles
18. Depp Beams
19. Pipes
20. Bridge Deck System

reinforced concrete book

Download Advanced Reinforced Concrete Design FREE PDF Book at


Jan 18

Download Engineering Libraries App for Civil & Structural Engineers – Exclusive Construction App

Download Engineering Libraries for Civil & Structural Engineers – Exclusive Construction App

The Engineering Libraries Android App has been developed by LetsConstruct.

Steel profiles for a variety of countries

– Predefined European, US, Canada, Russia, UK, Australian and Japanese steel profiles

The Engineering Libraries Construction app will help you in the field of following:

• Steel
• Concrete
• Wood
• Soil
• Materials
• General profiles (circular & rectangular)
• Includes EU, US, CA, RU, UK, AU steel profiles
• Metric & Imperial(see options)

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Jan 16

Slab : What are Difference between main bars and Distribution bars

Slab : What are Difference between main bars and Distribution bars

A very nice video tutorial presented by Sami of civilglobal.com on different between main bars and distribution bars in slab. If you are new or students, you should watch this video tutorial today.

Here are some main point listed down from the video. All contents are copyright of civilglobal.com

1) Function of Main Bars in Slab.

Main bars are placed at the shorter span direction, to transfer (B.M.) developed at the bottom of the slab to the

2) Function of Distribution Bars in Slab.

Distribution Bars (D.B.) are used in the slab to resist the shear stress because the cracks are devloped due to shear
stress on the top of the slab.

Main Bars (M.B.)
1) Main bars are place at the shorter span direction.
2) Main bars are used at the bottom of the slab.
3) For main bars we select high (dia) of steel.
4) In one way slab, the slab is supported one direction or side, so there should be placed main bars.

Distribution Bars (D.B.)
1) (D.B.) are placed at the longer span direction
2) (D.B.) are used at the top of the slab.
3) (D.B.) select the lesser (dia) of steel.

Main Bars and Distribution bars
Images are courtesy of civilglobal.com

Jan 15

Bending Moment Explaining – What is Bending Moment

Bending Moment explained very well in this video demonstration. A Bending Moment is a subsitute for a force. Watch this video demonstration.

A bending moment is the reaction induced in a structural element when an external force or moment is applied to the element causing the element to bend. The most common or simplest structural element subjected to bending moments is the beam. The example shows a beam which is simply supported at both ends.

Conical Concrete Pour Demonstration by Lura Enterprises

bending moment

Jan 13

Download Seismic Design of Reinforced Concrete and Masonry Buildings PDF for FREE

Author Description:

Emphasizes actual structural design, not analysis, of multistory buildings for seismic resistance. Strong emphasis is placed on specific detailing requirements for construction. Fundamental design principles are presented to create buildings that respond to a wide range of potential seismic forces, which are illustrated by numerous detailed examples.

Table of Contents

Causes and Effects of Earthquakes: Seismicity–Structural Response–Seismic Action.
Principles of Member Design.
Reinforced Concrete Ductile Frames.
Structural Walls.
Dual Systems.
Masonry Structures.
Reinforced Concrete Buildings with Restricted Ductility.
Foundation Structures.


The Book name and its title and all the things in it are the trademark of respective owner/author, we here on constructionnewsindex.com doesn’t host the book neither uploaded it we are just sharing here the links to download; and are just for sharing it for student and education purpose.

Seismic Design of Reinforced Concrete and Masonry Buildings PDF

Download Seismic Design of Reinforced Concrete and Masonry Buildings PDF at:

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